Library Science (Bachelor in Library & Information Science and Master in Library & Information Science  is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to function as information professionals in a variety of libraries, including academic libraries, public libraries, or special libraries maintained by government agencies, corporations, law firms, medical centers, or museums. Students earning this degree will be prepared for a wide range of careers, such as reference librarian, technical services librarian, youth and children's librarian, archivist/special collections librarian, electronic resources librarian, cataloging/metadata librarian, instructional services librarian, law/legal librarian etc.


Realizing the need of trained library personnel, the College has established this department and designed a training course in librarianship. The Department of Library and Information Sciences has designed programs to educate students at the Bachelor and Master levels to become leaders in libraries, archives and information centers motivating students to undertake research projects to bring advancement in information sciences. The department aims to prepare individuals for positions of responsibility in the files of library and information service and to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field.

Aspirants of this course will obviously get gainful employment with adequate amount of knowledge which enables them to assume responsible positions in libraries and information centers. Faculty is expected, through their instructional, research and service activities, to contribute tangibly to the development of the knowledge base that makes Library and Information Science a discipline as well as a profession. The main objective of these courses is to make a student competent with basic information skills, both traditional and modern. The students will be prepared as efficient, progressive, humane professionals with initiative, drive and integrity.